Beximco LPG Smart Cylinder launches nationwide home delivery services

05th May 2021

Beximco LPG Smart Cylinder can now be ordered from any part of the country by calling Beximco LPG Hotline Number 16565. The smart cylinder will be delivered without any hassle with just one phone call. Beximco LPG has introduced this system to ensure that consumers get this necessary product without risking their health & safety during the time of this pandemic.

Beximco LPG has committed to provide 12kg and 22kg LPG Cylinders at government-declared pre-fixed prices with an additional service charge for home delivery. The company hopes that this will make the daily life of general people a bit easier.

Beximco LPG is the first in Bangladesh to launch composite fiberglass cylinders for household and commercial use. These international standard cylinders are as secure as they are robust, having been designed and manufactured to European standards and imported from Norway and others. These composite cylinders have 3 layers of glass fiber and resin which give the cylinder unmatched strength and durability. Beximco's smart cylinders are lighter in weight than normal cylinders; the gas level is visible from the outside, rust-resistant and explosion-proof.

Order for home delivery can be made through the official Facebook page of Beximco LPG or by calling 16565. Facebook link: