LPG is one of the most highly efficient and safe forms of energy used in industries all over the world; it not only provides savings on both fuel and maintenance costs for burners, boilers, ovens and furnaces; the final product is also one of greater uniformity and quality.

With our global technical expertise and local experience in converting other fuels (HSD, ND, LNG to LPG), we at Beximco have evolved into a leading LPG service provider, offering varied solutions of packaging, installation, maintenance, guidance and after sales service on safety management and JIT (just in time) delivery of LPG. Our technical teams are always ready to provide any kind of technical support solutions with proper development as per your requirements and Bangladesh safety regulations.

Commercial Uses

LPG has a wide range of cost-effective commercial applications, including but not limited to cooking, cooling equipment, space heaters, boilers and more. On top of being flexible, reliable and affordable, LPG offers considerable economic and environmental benefits over oil, HSD fuel or electricity as well as other forms of fuel; as it provides instant heat, it is ideal for processes that require fast warm ups and cool downs.

Industrial Installation

The versatility of Beximco LPG means that you can use it for heat, light and power whenever you need to. However, beyond this LPG is also used to power a vast range of economic and environmentally responsible machinery in the industrial sector, including but not limited to space- and process- heating, powering industrial ovens, boilers, generators, food production, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as Heat Treatment in industries such as metalwork, ceramic, glass forging, annealing, billets, heating and melting Bitumen, textiles, paper and industrial construction.

Turnkey Project Execution

If you are looking for an experienced team to provide a tailor made, cost efficient LPG solution, then you can firmly rely on us. With numerous success stories under our belt, BEXIMCO LPG is a well preferred LPG expert – from design to installation, commissioning and also maintenance.

Benefits of our Bulk Installation Services:

  • Complete holistic package - from planning, design & engineering services to commissioning
  • Professional approach, quality workmanship and meticulous timeline
  • Safe practices and provision of excellent safety features. Each stage of the project is integrated with safety starting from materials to execution and commissioning
  • Periodic training of user groups on LPG, safety, operation and maintenance of said installation