We are offering a revolutionary household LPG cylinder solution with a wide range of benefits, keeping consumer needs in mind. The Beximco Smart Cylinder™ is a reflection of Beximco Petroleum's commitment to innovation and is the latest technology in this industry, making every consumer's life safer & easier.

The Beximco Smart Cylinder™ is a 3-layer composite cylinder comprising glass-fibers and resin, to give it unmatched strength and durability. These cylinders offer a number of unique advantages over traditional steel cylinders:


We understand that your first concern is always the safety of your family. That is why the Beximco Smart Cylinder is not made of steel, as steel cylinders may burst in case of high pressure or fire, causing massive property damage or even injuries to your beloved family members.
In fact, Beximco Smart Cylinder™ is made of composite glass-fibers which can withstand a burst pressure twice as high as steel cylinders; and as they will not experience a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion), so the risk of explosion in case of fire is eliminated. Thus your family remains safe and sound.


We understand how much you love to treat your guests; and running out of gas suddenly can be a big inconvenience. With our Smart Cylinder™ you can easily see the gas level and know when it's time to call us for a refill; which means you will never run out of gas while treating your guests.

Light weight:

All these years, you have spent hours toiling and carrying heavy cylinders. We understand your pain. That is why the Beximco Smart Cylinder™ is almost 50% lighter than steel cylinders, making it easy for you to carry around. The days of carrying heavy cylinders are now over!


Cleanliness is important, and we know you hate those dark rings of dirt left by the bottom of rusting steel cylinders. Our Smart Cylinder™ is easily washable and completely rust-free, so your kitchen floor is always clean!