Auto Gas is the next best fuel alternative fuel for cars, other than petrol. Many developed countries around the world have started to convert their cars from gasoline to Auto gas for the reasons below:

  • Economical:

    Compared to gasoline fuels like petrol, the LPG system is much cheaper. It consumes more than petrol on a per km basis but in the long run, LPG is a more cost-effective solution that will allow you to travel a far greater distance than conventional CNG.

  • Safer:

    Auto gas has a much lower combustibility range compared to CNG. It also has a much lower pressure of at least 8-10 bars whereas compared to a CNG which has 200 bars.

  • Better engine life:

    It eliminates cold start problems, increases the lifespan of your engine lubricant and uses a lower carbon compound, resulting in better internal combustion.
  • Environment Friendly:

    Global warming and climate change have become serious issues in today’s world. One major issue is how cars produce excessive carbon dioxide (CO2). However, cars using LPG are much more environment-friendly; CO2 emissions are much lower compared to traditional fuels, as well as other emissions like SOx and NOx

  • Convenient:

    Converting a car to LPG is more beneficial than converting to CNG, as LPG tanks are much lighter than conventional CNG cylinders, thus increasing your fuel economy; refilling an LPG tank is also much faster than the alternatives.

This is why Beximco LPG is entering the Auto Gas sector, with over 500 Auto Gas filling stations throughout the country, as well as conversion centers for facilitating Auto Gas usage and conversion; thus, not only ensuring your home supply with Smart Cylinders (already present in the market) but also your day-to-day travelling supplies in a convenient and safe manner.